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Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

For any business owner, getting customers to visit his website is the first challenge, while getting them to look around is the second. Navigation, design, layout and content of your site can be the difference between a sale and losing a customer to the back button. Many small businesses make some common mistakes in their web design. If you are looking to set up a new website or redesign an existing one, then make it sure to take some time to plan out the details. Read this article to avoid the common web design mistakes many small businesses make.

Flash intro

Generally Flash is not very friendly with search engines and modern surfers will also hate it. These intro animations are always seen as a barrier between a customer and the information they are searching. When you describe your product with an audio visual medium, Flash can be a handy tool. If you want to educate your customer on your product or service with an animation, provide a link on your home page. However, it should not require the customers to watch before moving on to a different page.

Confusing navigation

Without making navigation a priority, you could create a frustrating experience for any potential customer. Website navigation affects both usability and accessibility. These days, we expect some standard navigational features from all sites. For example, we like to have a menu on every page and it should be easy to get back to the home page. If you fail to provide these standard things people won’t like it. You can use icons to aid navigation. It will be very appealing and easy to use. Take notes from popular sites as they set the standards. It is good to be creative, but don’t try to get too unique with the navigational elements.

Stock photos

In many websites, we can see the picture of a smiling telephone operator waiting to take our call, but she won’t help much for a small business’ website. Cold and impersonal stock photography will not provide the image you want to portray to your customers. Instead of using it, take pictures of your office, team members, showroom, warehouse, etc., and use them in your website. Using pictures of your own gives the website a custom look.

Neglecting content

All websites need to have fresh, well-written content. As people visit your website for its content, its structure plays a huge role in its success or failure. However, many small businesses overload the user with information and overlook how that information is presented.

Avoid clutter

When it comes to designing a website, simple is better. You can know the impact of simplicity from your favorite websites. Integrating too many elements into one page will leave readers disoriented and will also slow down your site. This will make you lose potential visitors.

Your website is an interactive asset of your company. When a person visits your website, it is your chance to convert him/her into a customer. Take full advantage of your website with a professional web designer.

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